Next generation platform for the asset finance & leasing industry


Next generation platform for the asset finance & leasing industry


Next generation platform for the asset finance & leasing industry


NFS Ascent – Supercharge your business

Reliability with Assurance

Achieve true tactical superiority with Ascent’s reliable technology, supported by our team of industry experts with 40 years of accumulated experience in the asset finance industry. Enterprise level security allows configurable security policies for all layers, from application architecture to database level security.

Super Agility

Equipped with the best interfacing capabilities, configurable business rules engine and synergized integration, and a diverse range of native languages, currencies and accounting standards, Ascent gives your business the agility it needs to remain ahead in the ever changing dynamic environment.

Information Fusion

Ascent remains on the technological leading edge with the ability to gather and fuse intelligence using multiple information sources, such as credit rating agencies and other 3rd parties, and giving you the right data at the right time so you can make informed decisions in real time.

Precision Engineering

With automated business process execution and the advanced calculation engine, Ascent engineers your business to the point of ultimate precision, minimizing the need for human intervention while significantly reducing turnaround time.

Enhanced Maintainability

Ascent’s next generation future ready technology framework reduces cost of ownership, ensuring operational dominance well into the future. Enhanced maintainability will allow innovation and sustainable growth of your business in the rapidly changing market environment.

Absolute Control

Take complete control of your credit portfolio management with Ascent’s advanced audit and transparency controls, real time data modification capability and automated reporting. Ascent’s user-driven model will give you a complete solution from point of sale to contract maturity.

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