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Leading Edge Technology

NetSol provides future-proof solutions using state-of-the-art technology. NFS Ascent has been designed as part of a full business platform and developed for maximum flexibility and customization. It is a global system that meets local requirements. Ascent can be used in multinational, multi-company, multi-asset, multi-lingual, multi-distributor and multi-manufacturer environments. Each application within Ascent is a complete solution in itself and can be used independently to address specific areas of the leasing/financing cycle – or collectively, as an end-to-end solution, covering the full leasing and finance cycle from quotation origination through end of contract at the retail and wholesale levels.

N-Tier Architecture

Layer-based architecture enables maximum performance, scalability, security and fault tolerance. A layer can be updated independently without affecting the other layers.

SOA Platform

Service Oriented Architecture offers superior flexibility and reusability. Services are distributed to increase performance by efficiently using system resources. Resource-intensive tasks are managed across different nodes to increase system responsiveness. New services can be plugged in and existing services upgraded in a granular way – with minimum interruptions in daily business-critical functions. Tasks are distributed among different services – enabling reuse and parallel computing, and minimizing database hits.

Database Independent

Ascent offers back-end database independence and a uniform interface. You can leverage your current database or select a new database of your choice.

Web Deployment

Fully web-enabled, Ascent can be accessed through a web browser or as an on-demand, cloud-based service. Its framework also enables streamlined third-party integration and mobile deployment.

Smart Client

Smart Client delivers maximum performance with minimal training through click-once functionality, a rich user interface and online/offline support. It makes data transfer from any device smooth and efficient while also providing a cache of valuable information.

Engines for Business Process Innovation

The Ascent solution offers a smart user experience. With three highly dynamic and configurable work engines for applying rules and checkpoints at different levels, you can better manage risks, automate tasks to speed operations or even reengineer business processes to embrace new business. These work engines enable you to streamline and automate even the most complex business operations – saving you time and resources and delivering unparalleled levels of agility, control and performance from a local or global perspective. Service-oriented architecture empowers an entire network of any complexity to rapidly exchange information, eliminating redundancy and reducing human error.

Business Rules Engine

Automate decision-making by creating business rules according to your specific business requirements. For example, apply rules as needed throughout the credit application process, from configuring point scores to workflow routing, to make fast yet accurate automated decisions. The engine provides an easy-to-use graphical tool for creating rules using many different fields and operational designations you determine.

Business Process Designer

Configure the BPD engine to manage the dynamic flow of the entire contract financial business lifecycle by mapping your specific criteria. Create multiple flows for your business processes and align them within the application. Modify and enhance existing flows in real time. Adapt to changing industry regulations or new company requirements with minimum effort.

Dynamic Workflow Manager

Capture, manage and distribute information, tasks and requests and ensure that the business processes you define are followed as designated. Integrate various workflows with the Business Process Designer, activating them each according to rules assigned by the Business Rules Engine. Reengineer workflows, and the system adjusts accordingly – easily and seamlessly. DWM supports unlimited workflow models, task sharing and automatic activity escalation.

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