NFS Ascent – Wholesale Finance Solution


The Ascent Wholesale Finance Solution (WFS) provides a powerful, seamless and efficient system for automating and managing the entire life cycle of wholesale finance. With floor planning, dealer and inventory financing, it is ideal for a culture of collaboration. Dealers, distributors, partners and anyone in the supply chain are empowered to realize the benefits of financing – and leverage the advantages of real-time business intelligence. The system also supports asset and non-asset-based financing.


Complete contract lifecycle management
Powerful floor planning tools
Dealer & inventory financing
Support for asset & non-asset based


Enhanced collaboration
Real-time business intelligence
Unparalleled user experience
Improved customer service


With WFS, the user experience is unparalleled. Tax and accounting requirements of any jurisdiction are easily defined. Set-up can be for temporary situations, as well as current and future requirements. The solution’s extraordinary flexibility gives you the opportunity to offer more customer-centric and efficient service – an increasingly important competitive difference in any financing market worldwide.

Key Components

Loan Management

Complete contract lifecycle management

Flexible & configurable operating models

Support for price variation, loan term changes, asset transfer

Manage the lifecycle of any transaction, from the capture of asset information, credit and contract booking details. Create operating models around your specific back-office requirements, for repayments, interest charging, asset tax and service charges – and apply them when a loan is approved. Manage loan, price variations, loan term changes, and asset transfer and re-categorization.

Credit Management

Flexible credit limit requests for multiple asset types

Credit limit monitoring & review

Support for temporary credit limit increase

Give dealers the flexibility to request a credit limit for different asset categories, as well as monitor variations and reviews of defined credit limits. Allow temporary increases in credit limits based on dealer-driven campaigns – with normal limits automatically resuming when temporary periods end.

Billing & Settlement

Highly configurable scheduling parameters

Automatic receipt settlement

Easy to use interfaces for bank, credit, distributor etc.

Create flexible parameters for invoice grace periods, monthly billing days, billing schedules and invoice cancellation. Settle receipts selectively or automatically. Leverage the power of easy-to-use interfaces, such as bank, credit, distributor, general ledger and active directory.

Dealer & Auditor Dashboard

Powerful dealer and auditor access

Dealers can view floor plan, stock status, and financial conditions

Auditors can schedule visits, record audits and track assets

Unmatched operational transparency

Full support for cross-checking, editing and report generation

Empower your business partners with a web-enabled portal that delivers more visibility and control over their inventories – with minimal effort. Your dealers can view their use of floor plan facility, stock status and financial conditions, while entering settlement requests or relocating assets. Auditors can schedule visits, record audit exceptions and track assets for higher levels of transparency. The system also enables cross-checking, editing and report generation.

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